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Kristine Tauch hat uns durch ihre inspirierenden Ideen qualitativ weiter gebracht. Ich empfehle Kristine Tauch weiter, denn ich schätze die vertrauensvolle und qualitativ hochwertige Zusammenarbeit mit ihr.
Ralf Tscherpel
Inhaber BaLiOGO
Life-Balance in Organisationen
I loved Kristine's Storytelling Workshop at the MasterPeace Global Bootcamp 2018 in Colombia! She shared practical tools of storytelling that are perfect for creating stronger connections between people and thereby building cohesive communities. Her positive energy, enthusiasm and authenticity always make everyone super happy to participate. Such an inspiring woman. I hope to learn more from her in the future!
Maria Sakarias
MasterPeace Clubs Coordinator | Utrecht, the Netherlands
Kristine to me is a real changemaker. She is passionately striving to reach her goals based on her authentic values. Storytelling is her great competence. She knows how to create trust with her audience so that they can open up and share their personal story. During a speech she was giving at our Great Minds Meeting with 200 attendees she showed she IS the story!
Aart Bos
Geschäftsführer MasterPeace EU Office, Niederlande